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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Being a Dentist... Job descriptions In a typical work setting, dentists:Have a high level of social contact. Dentists work constantly with patients or coworkers.Are exposed on a daily basis to the diseases and infections carried by patients.Must fully complete and be exact in their work. Any errors could cause their patients to experience pain.May work 40 hours a week. Some work more, especially dentists starting new practices. Working Conditions Training, Other qualifications, and advancement Some dentists start as an associate in anotherdental office. They may become a partner withthe dentist they work for. Others may eventuallybuy their own practice. Some dentists may decideto advance to teaching or research jobs at dental schools. These dentists usually spend two to five years in advanced dental training. Dental schools and hospitals offer these training programs. Advancement Other qualifications Express ideas clearly when speaking.Listen to others and ask questions.Read and understand work-related materials. Licensure and certification -being at least 21 years old;-graduation from an approved dental college or school;-passage of written and clinical exams; and-payment of a fee. Education and Training -have a high school diploma or GED;-complete at least two years of college;-take science courses in college;-graduate from dental school; and-pass a state exam to get a license. Employment! About 25 percent of dentists are self-employed. Job Outlook! The need for dental care is continuing to grow. As the population ages, many people will need more complicated dental work, such as bridges and crowns. In addition, improved preventativedental care has allowed more people to keep their natural teeth. This means they will requiremore dental care than previous generations when peoplehad dentures. New health care regulations mean that more people have insurance that covers dental care.
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