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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ESCHERICHIA know as (E.coli).you are probably thinking ew,did you know if it s in you system for along time it is called constipationand you can die from that, but itcan also benefit for you can can helpyou digest your food.. but thenagain it can cause food poisening. STEPTOCOCCOUS, it survives in the back of yout throat, it causes strept throat and phneomonie.can can cause mucus build up in your lungs, and commonsence mucus build up in you lungs is bad for you. bacterium tuberculosis, survives in the lungsit is a most major killer from the past that has recentlyresurged with the advent of aids . Say whatttt yes it,even though there are diffrent way to get either one of thoughs,but yes. YERSINIA PESTIS , it survives in the skin, i can extremely effect; yourspeech, twhen you move,body temp and body movement isextremly painful so this is something very bad.It also makes a big bumpunder your arm pit, if you have a bump under your arm pit then you mightwant to go check that out, it could be a boil or it could be yersina pestis. BORRIELA BURGDORFERI, it also survivesint the skin it is a persit you can get fromthe lake or something, but it latches on to yourskin and sucks the blood out of you and feeds on your blood soit can survive on you. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, it survies inthe lungs, it is extremly deadly to, comonsence if something lived in the lung then it cancause build upand that is bad in your lungs *All of these happen in MEN and WOMAN ofAll ages, shapes ,and size. Be aware ofAnything unusual of your body ALWAYS.
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