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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Library and Learning Resource Center Excellence in Teaching and Student Learning Strengthen Global Connections Broaden Student Access CityU Library and Learning Resource Center staff work with students and faculty to support the university's mission, creating excellence in teaching and learning, expanding student access, and strengthening global connections. Students engage with CityU's instruction librarians online and in-person in a variety of ways. Librarians create online tutorials accessible 24/7 through the library website or Blackboard courses for use at the student's point-of-need. During an Average Quarter Students engage with librarians in their courses to develop research skills through instruction designed specifically with faculty to support required assignments. In an average quarter Library related Email Chat Site & StudentServices related Our library staff are available 3658 Questions Asked & 4% 8% 65% 23% Average Time to Answer Student Questions >5 minutes 10-30 minutes 30 minutes - 2 hours 23% 18% 5% 16% Site Questions 7% Questions for Student Services Technology Help Textbook Inquiries APA Help Access Issues Research Help Borrowing Materials 1,753 times 13,941 times Tutorials on the 22 352 Students Walk up Walk up Chat & Email Questions by School Answering questions can take anywhere from a few minutesto several hours, depending on the student's need. Asked through 1% WAL DAS The Learning Resource Center team champions innovative teaching with technology by helping students and faculty use Tegrity and Blackboard Collaborate to connect online with one another. Collaborate Sessions with attendees Last Year faculty and students held 1676 Faculty made Tegrity videos 4136 Tegrity was used in courses, an average of a quarter 156 39 452 These were viewed a total of times 1549 Students made 68 Students across the world where CityU programs are offered need access to quality information. The library focuses on selecting digital resources that support the learning outcomes of all academicprograms. We are proud to say that our resources are CityU Library and Learning Resource Center strives to meet the needs of students and faculty worldwide. Outside the U.S. and Canada (the highest library website users) the top 15 countries using the library's website (sized by comparative use) are: 18% ASOE 36% 4% SAL 41% SOM 2013-2014 Annual Report 70 hours/week Answered per quarter Tutorials Questions Technology In contrast, research questions are more complex and take longer to answer. Site questions, such as "What is the bathroom code?" or "Where is my class?" do not take much time to answer. are viewed research instruction sessions reach Blackboard Courses are viewed for one-on-one help via chat, email, and Skype, or in-person and by phone. During an Average Quarter Tutorials Embedded in Library Website a few minutes several hours 15% 3% 3% Most questions take only while the majority of questions involve research and can take in-person chat and email to answer.
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