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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VENN DIAGRAM KEY (2) = Lamar used lots of military force against Native Texans and Mexico. (1) = Houston felt symathetic towards the Native Texans so he left them alone. (3) = Lamar did a lot for Texas Education. (4) = Texas was annexed into the United States during Jones' term. (5) = Houston tried to limit government spending as much as possible. (6) = Houston kept things as peaceful as possible with Mexico. (7) = Lamar sent the Santa Fe Expedition. (8) = Houston was the only Republic of Texas president who had 2 terms. (9) = Lamar and Houston both were somehow part of the U.S. government before they came to Texas. double click to change this header text! (10) = They were all Anglo- Americans. (11) = Lamar and Houston both fought in the Texas Revolution. (13) = Lamar moved to Texas after his wife and brother died, in other words, he came to Texas because of grief. (12) = Jones was the only president who had earned a degree in medicine and the only president who attempted at all. (14) = They all used to live in America. (15) = Jones moved to Texas after many failings in America. (16) = Jones was the only president who had a wife during his term. (17) = Jones and Houston wanted annexation to America. (18) = Lamar and Houston bothe moved the capital of the Republic of Texas (19) = The Republic of Texas was deep in debt during their terms. (20) = Houston and Jones didn't want to hurt the Native Texans. (22) = Lamar and Jones were considered obvious winners during their separate elections. (21) = Anson Jones and Houston both had peaceful ideas for Texas. (23) = They didn't do much to improve the Texas debt. (24) = Lamar and Jones both disagreed with Houston's ideas.
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