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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Athletic Training is a Community 2 Lived in.. How is this scene part of my identity? Participants 1 2 Rhetorical observations The participants are people who are interested in the medical field and patient care. Communication 3 4 5 How does the scene help shape the identities of the participants? In order to be an insider in this community, you must know medical terms. You need to know muscles, bones, ligaments, injuries, as well as different taping methods for different parts of the body, different rehabilitation exercises for various injuries, first aid and what to do in case of a medical emergency. These acts of communication help to shape the participants by teaching people how to help athletes perform at their best. This scene has helped shape my identity in many ways. It has taught me how to take care of someone who needs my help. It has also taught me how to work with others on a daily basis. Athletic training has allowed me to gain a homeaway from home, and relationships that will last a lifetime. Through this community, I have learned that I absolutely love the feeling of helping athletes perform at 100% and I love the medical field. Even though being an athletictrainer means giving away countless hours of my time, and dealing with notso nice athletes on the occasion, it has truly become a huge part of who I am. Kairos: As an athletic trainer, I have the opportunity to help many people at any given time.Ethos: I work with a credible, certified athletic trainer who is credible in the field of sports medicine.Logos: I use logic everyday to figure out the best way to help an athlete.
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