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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Three Branches Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch Checks and Balances The Legislative Branch is madeup of two houses of the congress.Those two house are the House of Representatives andthe Senate. The Senate has 100members. They pick two peoplefrom each state. The House ofRepresentatives has 435 members. * crafts bills* can overturn vetoes to pass bills* can impeach the President* must improve President's budget* approves and rejects President's appointments* declares war Senate* have to be 30 yrs. old* a citizen for 9 yrs.* live in the state represented House of Representatives* 25 yrs. old* citizen for 7 yrs.* live in the state represented Who Tasks Requirements * enforces laws* Approves or vetoes congress bills* directs military * makes foreign policy * writes the federal budget Tasks The Executive Branch is made up of the President,the Vice President, and the Cabinet. Who President* must be 35 yrs. old* must be a natural born citizen* must have lived in the UnitesStates for at least 14 yrs. Requirements * interprets laws* decides if laws are constitutional* decides court cases* settles cases between 2 or more states Who The Judicial Branch is madeup of the Supreme Court.In the supreme court there are 9 justices, included the Chief Justice. Tasks Requirements There are so specific requirements for the Judicial Branch. Meaning When each branch has an equal amount of power and isn't over ruling each other. Executive to Legislative The Executive Branch could veto a law the LegislativeBranch has made. Executive to Judicial The president nominates thefederal judges. Legislative to Executive The Legislative Branch writesa law and sends it to theExecutive Branch. Legislative to Judicial Congress can impeach judges. Judicial to Executive The Executive decides if the law is constitutional Judicial to Legislative The Judicial Branch decidesif a law is constitutional when the executive vetoes it.
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