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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 First exposure to 3D printing in the Medical field was in Dr. Tranquillo's Lab. Saw 3D printed tricuspid Heart Valve scaffold when put on research project. However, before joining the lab as an undergraduate researcher, I was already interested in 3D printed organs and how can one overcome vascularization to make it fully functioning.I was also exposed to SolidWorks for 3D visualization, rather than for 3D Printing. Car Prototyping 3D PRINTING & ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING How has it affected me? Medical Interest Interest in 3D Printing 11th Grade Jumpstart Phone Case and Dock I was exposed to 3D printing in 11th gradein a PSEO Principles of Engineering Course. I am unsure about the printer brand butit was more sophisticated than a Markerbot.In that college course, I learned to useAutodesk CAD to design a simple mini pulley system and then havethe design printed. This summer I actually got the opportunity to buy a phone dock from Shapeways (a site similar to Thingiverse but with printed partsdelivered to you. I am in the processof designing a phone case for my OnePlus One with Autodesk CAD When General Motors started to build the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu, engineers at the company used3D printing to save time required in prototyping. GM is one of the leaders in car production. I currently have a 2014 Toyota Rav4. I expect ina few years or less, Toyota will have similar manufacturing practices. Out of my top 5 categories, here are where my interests in 3D Printing lie DIY/Hobby Open Sourcing 5% 22% 7% Subject: Heather FongMajor: Chemical Engineering & ChemistryCourse: UMN MM 3305 Biomaterial Scaffolds 51% Food Printing 14% Prosthetics
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