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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is the Digital Divide? The digital divide is the gap between those who do and do not have ready access to internet and technology. This can create an issue of social inequality because those who do not have as much exposure to technology are generally those in the lower socioeconomic class. But home internet access is the norm right? American Households with Ready Internet Access 71% 20% 9% American Households with No Access to Internet American Householdswith Internet Access not at Home Based on information gathered in 2010 It is assumed that all individuals have some typeof access to the internet and technology, but thisisn't the case. A factor at large in the cause of the division is economic class. As of 2010, 99%of Housholds making $150,000 a year had internetaccess at home where only 57% of those making $15,000 or less had internet access. Why does the Digital Divide Matter? So some people can't use facebook. Why is this such a big deal? The ability to use and adapt to changing technology is becoming more and more necessary in today's work field. The ideaof providing everyone with equal chance to excel academically and in a career includesequal exposure to technology because it is becoming more common and important in everyday life. This is challenging when not allhomes have access to i
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