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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Exposure Triangle ISO Shutter Aperture Perfect Exposure ISO controls how sensitive thecamera will be to the light. Low light requires a higher ISO A higher ISO will cause your photo to appear grainy, this is called noise. ISO is similar to sunglasses. A low ISO (100) is used for bright sunny days and a high ISO (1600) isused for indoors and overcast days. Noise in a high ISO photograph Low ISO High ISOlittle-no noise lots of noise The aperture of the camera is similar to your pupil. It controlshow much light enters the camera A small aperture allows a small of light to enter the camera. A large aperture allows a lot of light to enter the camera Aperture is measured in F-Stops. It also controls how blurry the background of your photo will be. This is called Depth of Field. Low F-StopLarge ApertureShallow Depth of Field High F-StopSmall ApertureInfinite Depth of Field The shutter controls how long light comes into the camera. The shutter is like your eyelid,opening and closing to protect your eye Shutter speed is measured in fractions of one second.Faster shutter speeds will freeze movement while slower shutter speeds will cause motion blur. Fast Shutter SpeedFrozen Movement Slow Shutter Speed Motion Blur When taking a portrait, shallow depth of field is good because it brings the subject into focus Infinite depth of field isgood for photos of large groups
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