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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 As we play sports, we are able to build our bodies to eat a much more nutritious meal and will help maintain our body.We also learn how to manage our time by playing sports. We have to balance our days between academic school and sports.They are both important, that is why we must maintain a proper balance between the two. We are able to create friendships you wouldn't have expected to create. Sports brings teens. Whether they are in a differentschool, background, or community. Playing sports is a great opportunity to make new friends and meet different kinds of people. 38% is an activity requiring physical skills and exertion. It is governed by a set of rules and/or customs. They aremeant to be competitive and fun. Sports 52% 52% 66% 66% Percentage of boys and girls that play an organized sport Soccer Soccer Hockey Hockey 28% Volleyball Volleyball 21% 23% Percentage of those who play the sport worldwide Basketball Basketball Athletic Difference Girls have a 68%chance to get a concussion than boys. Our genetics are also involve in our athletic ability.The male hormones allows men to develop a larger skeletal structure.While the female hormones allow them to have a more flexible joint. Coaches Friendships Family Leadership Skills Health & Time Management We are also able to become more comfortable around adults and build our family relationships. We also increase our leadership skills by keeping the team together and helping others to improve and becoming a better example for the other or younger players. We demonstrate our leadership through being the captain of the team and our actions to lead our team to success. Coaches are our role models, the relationship that we build within the team,will help our team succeed. SPORTS SPORTS
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