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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bunker Hill VSFort Ticonderoga Fort Ticonderoga=BlueBunker Hill=Purple It startedon June17, 1775 It started in 1775 When?? Where?? It took place in Charleston, Massachusetts on Breed's Hill (Bunker Hill). It took place near Lake Champlain in northeastern New York. Why?? It was built to protect settlers from Indian attacks, and it was capturedby the Americans because it controlled an invasion route to Canada, or as an British invasion route toNew England. The battle happened because the rebels wanted control of Boston and the sea ports. Who was impacted?? The British were impacted because they had a largeamount of causalities after the attack, they hadabout 200 dead and about 800 injured. The soldiers who fought in the battle for the fort were impacted because control of the fort switching sides. Outcome?? The British won Bunker Hill. They lost a lot of men and had tons of men injured they also had a confidence booster after shooting down so many red coats. The American won Fort Ticonderoga. The first American victory in Revolutionary War. The Americans used that sucess to try to win other battles. The battle of Bunker Hill is closely related to FortTiconderoga. They are related because Fort Ticonderoga was a confidence booster for the rebels and this confidence helped themface the British in Boston. Related Event?? The capture of FortTiconderoga was related to the Battle of Lexington and Concord because that battle was the start of the war and led to action at Fort Ticonderoga. Bunker Hill Initial Motive: Fort Ticonderoga ~The Americans captured the for because it controlled part of a British invasion route, into America and the Americans had captured it tocontrol it to control this route.~Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold working together.~The two men both wanted to lead the troops alone. but while Arnold had the commission papers. Allen had the men. They then decided to march together. Perspectives American:The Americans had a taller hillat 110 ft, and had water in three different directions from thier hill. British:The British had a steep hill they had to climb to get to therebels. The rebels were also closer to the British bases on breed's hill making it easier for the Britishto get to them. Scene Description: It was dawn on May 10, 1775 when the patriotscame upon the fort withall British inside asleep.The Americans were ableto walk in and take thefort without firing a shot. British:The reason the Britishmade it a battle is because Boston is a major port and the rebels were taking it. American:The rebels wantedBoston because it had so many soldiers that it was 4 British for every 1 rebel. Extra Information?? British Surrender:The Britishcommandersurrendered meekly andwithout a struggle, because histroops werecaught offguard and surrounded. BenefitsOf Siege:The victory wasa morale booster,as it was the first offensive victory for the Americans.Also, cannons captured fromthe fort were used to besiege Boston.
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