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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In 2014, About 1 in 4 deaths in America was due to cancer. Cancer is the second leading cause of death, behind heart disease. Stem cells have the potential to cure both of these diseases. What are stem cells? What Constitutes as Moral? Unspecified cells that can be grown into specificcells that can help fight diseases are disorders. Who has the power to allow research? Why are they important? Stem cells can be grown into many different cell types in the human body, curing humans with diseases like cancer. The legislative branch of the US government is responsible for the funding of stem cell research. They have the power to help scientists find cures. Stem Cell Research is Relevant: The Problem: The Solution: Scientists are too limited by the government's regulations to perform adequate research on stem cells. - Reduce the limitations on research - Allow scientists to experiment with maximum efficiency - Find the cure for diseases sooner South Korea vs. US Government Funding 2013 USA South Korea $100 million $95 million The Source: - Embryos used for stem cell research come from in vitro fertilization, where couples can use their sperm and egg cells to mate manually in a test tube. - Hundreds of Embryos are produced, sothe couple can choose to donate the left over embryos to research Embryos are not the only source of stem cells. Stem cells can also be found in adults, and can be taken without killing the provider. This alternate source is not as flexible, but shows signs of the same promising results. Other Sources:
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