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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Quadcopter Part's Check List Frame Remember to look at weight of frame, size, and materials it was built with. Are you goingto add a camera to it? Motor When purchasing a motor check that you have the right kV rating (the higher the kV the faster the motor spins). Also note down how many max amps the motor pulls for you're ESC. Notes Electronic Speed Control (ESC) When purchasing you're ESC dont forget to check yourAmps to verify your motors can handle it Flight Controller Keep in mind you're sensor options here. Do you want a gyroscope, accelerometers, GPS? Some of these can have highly advanced options for the more veteran pilot. If you're new to flying I would recommend to keep it simple Transmitter & Receiver Min Channels 4Recommended Channels 8If you go with the 8 channelsthen you will have moreflexibility when you upgrade Propellers You will need 2 CW and 2 CCW propellers.You're motors should havea recommended size for you're propellers. The bigger the propeller themore thrust you will have. Notes Battery Check the C Rating (Discharge).Does this battery have enoughmAh? Don't forget to calculate you'reaccessories power draw when calculating for battery size. Battery Charger/Discharge Does this charge/discharge at the same rate? Can this charger provide enough power to charge? Remember to always check product reviews before making a purchase! This is a list of you're parts you will be needing and a small list of items to check for before you're purchase. Always check with the manufacture for compadability if you're unsure.
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