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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Violence and suffering in Ukraine East Killed / Wounded / Casualties and loses 593,622-814,00 Ukrainians fled to Russia.633,523 people displaced within the country. Increasing problem Increasing problem "People are suffering...with all shelling and explosions,you just don't know where they are coming from. I can't manage to sleep during the right"Donbass peoples"Ukraine's revolution and Russia's occupation of Crime: how we got here"Alah Yuhas and Raya 5 March 2014 Major Weapons Used Solution it is know how many children die Ukraine as tearsspilled parent , how to lose billions more country-moneythat could go to education , sciene and medicine.With faith in the victory going into this could on new battalions , with the hope of a quick piece we accompany them in tears.Thousands of voluteers went to serve in the Ukrainian armycollapsed , hundreds of million dinated to their needs, those who can serve the level of patriotism in the country surposses even inthe liberated cities Donbass increasing herad "Glory Ukraine!"They say that as a real nation is built."Ukraine's revolution and Russia'soccupation of Crimea :how we got here"Alah and Raya 5 March 2015 Tanks Hand-held with rocket Rocket launchers "Grad" to ATMG "Fogot" grenade Gun 0 20 40 60 80 100 January February March April May June July 733 1,648-2,484 1,088 1,3730-2,226 captured Ukraine killed Ukraine captured Russia killed Russia 'Little green men"- the Ukrainianterm for soldiers without identifying insignia.later confirmed by President Putin to havebeen Russian militarypersonnel- quicklyoccupied strategic pointson the peninsula.Days after a hastily organized and flawedreferendum produced dubious results,Russia formally annexed Crimea."Don't forget Crime "Steven Pifer , John HerbstThe New York Times Jun 9 , 2014 Don't forget Crime
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