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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By: Audrey Moore What is it? The Digital Divide What can we do to close the gap? Why does it matter? -“Technology will not solve the problems of students who lack basic skills or school supplies or who have poorly trained teachers. (pg. 259) Although many students today can now use technology in schools, there are still a lot of children who don't have access to technology at home. It is the gap between social classes and their access to technology 1. We can provide more funding to schools to add technology into each classroom 2. Teachers can be better trained to use the technology they are given in their classes effectively3. Make technology more affordable 4. 1:1 Initiatives (In the United States) Kids who can't use technology on a regular basis may fall behind, and therefore they won't excel at the same rate as other students. Theyare also put at risk of not finding goodjobs later in life. Works Cited: Light, Jennifer S. "Rethinking the Digital Divide." The Digital Divide (2001): 255-63. Print. Statistics: Only of U.S. public schools have wireless internet access for the whole school. houses in the U.S. don't have high-speed internet access Minorities have lower rates of internet access than whites: 72% 57% 55% White Hispanic Black 100,000,000 39%
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