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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Past decade,internet users tripled Bring remaining 4 billion people online 3X From 2005-2008, annual compound growth rate of internet users 15.1% + From 2010-2013, a lower annual growth rate of internet users 10.1% However, 4 billion still remain unconnected, finding ways to provide internet access remain a high priority. Around three-quarters of the unconnected i.e. 3.4 billion people live in only 20 countries 65% 24% vs 64% lived in rural areas, compared with only 24% of Internet users vs 18% 7% 18% are older than 54, compared with about 7% of the online population 28% vs About 28% are illiterate, whereas the literacy rate for Internet users is close to 100% vs 52% 42% women comprise 52% of the offline population and only 42% of the online population. Unconnected People vs Internet Users 4 Barriers To Internet Connectivity 1) Inadequate infrastructure, including poor mobile Internet coverage or network accessand unreliable electricity supply. 1.1 billion to 2.8 billion people can't get online via a mobile network because their area lacks sufficient coverage. X 2) Internet access is simply too costly for many low-income people. A challenge of supplying cost-effective access to the most remote regions. 3) The high illiteracy rate implies an inability not only to read and write, but also to use digital technology An estimated 43% of Indias unconnected citizens are illiterate. X 4) Lack of incentives such as lack of incentives from government support or high profit margins. Advertisers are not interested in reaching such markets Nearly half of the worlds offline population lives in 10 countries face a significant struggle to overcome all FOUR barriers. In 2013, bottom 5 countries (Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania and Ethiopia)in the McKinsey index have an internet penetration rate was only 15%, with the next 5 countries (Egypt, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand) having an averageinternet penetration rate was only 19%. 1) Identifying the particular barriers affecting a country or region enables the development of effective solutions2) By mapping the major social, political and economic obstacles to Internet adoption, the index can help make efforts by governments and network and service providers as targeted and efficient as possible. Solution
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