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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Creating a Tranformational Business Culture Creating a Tranformational Business Culture Prepare the soil Create an environment that values and supports transformation. This requires true leadership. It does not necessarily have to start at the top, but it helps. Have a Vision This is not the lets write a strategic plan, put it into a report, and put it on a shelf kind of vision. Rather it is the kind of vision that inspires people with a clear and easily understandable sense of Here is who we want to be!” Hire and/or develop managers and supervisors whose personal vision aligns with your organizations vision. This is does not refer to lip-service to the vision. Rather, this means that the leader feels personally invested in achieving the vision and responsible for leading their staff there. Value leadership over simple management. A manager gets things done through their authority. A leader inspires others to commit to something and fully invest in achieving it. Value Leadership over simple management ...a culture that questionsthe way things are and asks the difficult questions that are often uncomfortable to those in authority (albeit in a respectful way). This is one of the best ways to help identify needless bureaucracy and inefficiencies. Encourage... Support Support innovation by acquiring the resources and providing the time for staff to try new things. Acceptance Learn to accept failure as part of the process of identifying what works. Of course there are limits to the amount of risk that is acceptable depending on the situation, but risk is necessary for advancing toward transformation and innovation. Never Settle With the foundations for creating a highly capable transformational team, the next step is to always hire for excellence. Only hire those with the competence, ability, attitude, and willingness to fully embrace the vision and make it their own Infuse New Energy Tap into the power of local colleges and universities. Hire student and graduate student assistants. Not only will they bring new energy and fresh ideas, but you have the opportunity to help build the next generation of talent. Freedom Highly competent, creative, and innovative staff require adequate freedom to thrive. Create an environment that embraces flexibility in work schedules, assignments, and provides an opportunity to try new things. This will help keep staff engaged and excited about their work. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Communicate Foster open and honest communication. It is easy to tell staff that they can be honest, but until they learn from their own experience that they can say whatever needs to be saidas long as it is with respect and a willingness to improve thingsthey will not believe your words. To convince them takes time and consistent demonstrations of your sincerity with respect to honest and open expression of thought. Provide Information Focus on providing the products, services, and information that facilitate your management and leadership team to more effectively understand the issues that are important to your organization and which help them to make better decisions.
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