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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Zhou Dynasty:1046-256 BCE There was two areas of Zhou. WesternZhou and later Eastern Zhou. A lot of bronze itemshave been found that were from Zhou Dynasty. Coins:This was the first time seeing coins in ChinaThis tells you that they had trade. They couldnow give moneyfor an object instead ofan object for an object. The Shang Dynasty was taken over by the Zhou Dynasty.The Zhou Dynasty is the longest lastingDynasty. Tien Ming”- The Mandate of Heaven Three men started the Zhou Dynasty. They are known as the ideal leaders of China. They made a doctrine called the Mandate of Heaven. It said that whoever w as the leader of the dynasty was placed there by the will of God. It also says a leader must lead by the ability and virtue. The dynasty's leadership must be justified by succeeding generations. The mandate could be rovoked by negligence and abuse. The will of the people was very important in this dynasty. Writing: It was also during the Zhou Dynasty that the recording and documentation of history became more pronounced. The Booksof documents wasthe first book writtenon Chinese history. Inventions: One invention was the cast iron. This enabled strong and durableiron tools and weapons to be manufactured.Another important invention was thecrop rotation whichallowed more efficient use of the land. Iron tools were another big invention. The Kite was invented during the Zhou Dynasty, and had many uses. The kite was used for entertaining, fishing, and messaging
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