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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sam Underhill My avatar is a mix between KatnissEverdeen and me. I've always lovedMarvel Superheroes. My favorite is Captain America, but he has nothing to do with my avatar. I chose formy avatar to look like this because The Hunger Games is one of my most favorite books ever, andKatniss is amazing. NaturallyI had to make a superhero who was just like her but with myown twist on things. She has the bow and arrows because that'sKatniss' trademark and she hasblonde hair because that's the color of my hair. One of my most favorite hobbies is music likeplaying the piano or guitar and singing. I got my piano for my 13th birthday from my grandma. She gave me her old one from her cottage. Shetold me one ever used it, so why not give it to you. Next I got my guitar from my uncle thisyear for Christmas. He gave me one of his oldguitars that he never really used for me to borrow, and for my birthday he officially said it wasmine to keep. My mom always says that I've loved singing since I was little. I loved to watchthe Barbie movies because they always had fun, catchy songs. I've preformed in many of my school'stalent shows singing songs like Dynamite by Taio Cruz and Ready or Not by Bridgit Mendler.Music has always been a big part of my life and that's why I put it in my Tagxedo.The shape I chose is a crown because I used to love princesses when I was younger.I still think they're pretty cool. Like I said before I always watched Barbie movies whenI was little especially the princess based ones. I also loved the Disney classics too.
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