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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard CAPTAINS OF INDUSTY? OR ROBBER BARONS? The Industrial Greats, and some of the most well known of their time, Gould, Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Morgan, all created names for themselves on economic and political stages, through their businesses.While they contributed to the American economic system,each also had their areas of corruption giving them the name of Jay Gould J.P. Morgan Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 was caused by opposition of largecorporations having large economic power. The Sherman Act dissolved the Standard Oil Company in 1891.But left Rockefeller still with millions... Creator of the Standard Oil Companyin 1870, became the first industrialized monopoly in the world. And rose to power by threatening to remove smaller oil industries out of business through extortion and creating trusts.His success in oil prompted people to worry about the rise of corporations and monopolies but also appeal to him for his wealth. John D. Rockefeller Andrew Carnegie He gained much of his wealth from financing failing railroads and getting stock in return, also helped organize U.S. Steel and General ElectricThe people believed he had too much power and that he was manipulating the US government for his own personal gain He collected a large amount of artwork, a collection which he donated to the Metropolitan Museum of ArtHe also donated vast amounts of money to the American Museum of Natural History, and had a large interest in theology J.P Morgan financed the American government out of bankruptcy once in 1895, and a second time during the Panic of 1907Both events gave him political influence and further made him an economic and political figure in America . Robber Barons. Rockefeller used millions to benefit society through philanthropic ways such as kick starting medical research, focusing on higher education for blacks, founded research universities which helped for overall improvement of international health. Andrew Carnegie had launched his steel company in 1892 which made more iron steel and metals than the whole united kingdom, He was also a memberof the American Anti-imperialistLeague Carnegie was one of few to actuallyachieve the rags to riches term. he gained his wealth from his steel company and by using verticalintegration With all of his money, Carnegiedonated money to the Carnegie Laboratory and a free library in Dunfermline He was a American railroad executive, financier, and speculatorSometimes called the Railway Kingdue to his large empire of railways Which included his monopoly over the New York elevator railway He partnered with James Fisk joined William Tweed and Peter Sweeny over Tammany Hall to gain profit from further speculations from Erie RR stock these attempts led to' black Friday a stock crash on September 24 1869. Gontrolled blocks of Union Pacific Railroad by 1874Bought other lines as well and created a railroad empire. Took control of western union telegraph co.1881. Controlled all of New york elevated railways 1886. The stock crash in 1869 made him infamous and as a result he was one of the most disliked robber barons A little money and perseverance will make any man rich. Jay Gould Gould though highly disliked by the publicbut accomplished many things despite though he stated from a background of poverty.
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