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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 American Federation of Labor How did they affect the labor world? Even though the American Federation of Labor was the "leading labor force of the world", exclusion to who they helped and stood for was apparent. No Was the AFLinclusive of minorities? YES Did bad workingconditions and low wages contributeto the AFL's creation? Did they help make things easierfor laborers? What? FUCK EN POINTS Skilled white laborerswere the only people to seek benefit from joining the AFL.Unskilled laborers were not represented. Women wereprohibited. Blacks were givenjobs as striebreakers while white men tried creating unions made up only of whites because they feared that blacks would take away jobs from them. Success? Majority of the lower class is not allowed into the AFL so they can't seek representation as workers.However the AFL still reaches over 1 million people by 1906. Yes End result stuff~ The AFL's failure to allow other races and people into the group brings on the shortcoming of the union because they haveless supporters for their cause.because FUCK So.... How were the minorities treated different by the AFL vs the poor whites? The AFL vigorously opposed unrestricted immigration from Europe for moral,cultural, and racial reasons. The issue unified the workers who feared that aninflux of new workers wouldflood the labor market and lower wages.
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