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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHY IS THE BEST EXPLORER THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN ZHENG HE Have you ever heard of the amazing Zheng He? But do you know enough him? GOOD! GOOD! Zheng He is the amazing leader who made the seven overseas voyages! Want to know the details? Thenkeep reading! China Daily China Daily Zheng He is a Chinese Muslim who had had a terrible life. He was born in 1371 with his birth nameMa He. His father died when he was just a littlekid. But that's not the worst part! As he was crying on his mother's shoulders, he was taken as prisoner by the Chinese army! To overcomehis sad life, he learned many languages and studied philosophy and geography. He was 10 years old when all of this happened! By age 12, he assisted the prince Zhu Di. They later became friends and Zhu Di gave Ma He the name of Zheng He.Years later Zheng He was assigned to go sailacross the ocean and begin a career that wouldmake him the best leader the world had ever known. (1430) Zheng He's voyages are amazingly impressive. They include 312 total ships. The biggest one is over 440 feet! Impressed yet? What if I tell you that the voyages are 14,000miles long at this point! It's been taking almost 28 years! Zheng He is the best explorer the world hasever known or will known! He has explored dozens of places the worldhas never known! There, they not only traded goods, but they alsoare spreading the Chinese culture!
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