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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 OBJECTS your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] double click on textto edit or change TEXT Fools typical of Medellin. BeansOne of the main dishes typical of Medellin are beans, these are usuallyaccompanied by pork leg and many other seasonings. Bandeja paisa The dish is the emblem of Medellin and its main ingredient are beans. The famous arepa paisa is famous food is made from a flour insipidus a little ugly but that to swallow it with something else, like cheese or a sausage has a delicious taste. This also is part of the bandeja paisa The chorizo meals one of the most common not only in Medellin if not throughout Colombia, the copy that we can see here is a veal sausage. This sausage is accompanied by either by cassava, arepa or pope. It is also an ingredient of the bandeja paisa The ground beef. The ground beef, has many modes of preparation either in the form of meatballs, revolt with onions, tomatoes and many other ingredients. It is a delicious dish and not requires a lot of science to the time of its preparation, one of the ingredients that could not be missing from the time of preparing a bandeja paisa. And to finish... Here we can see a bandeja paisa completed their ingredients are:rice, arepa, plantain, egg, chorizo, chicharron, avocado,salad, ground beef and more importantly, the beans. A delicious dish typical of Medellin. What leads a bandeja paisa?
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