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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1878 - A self-contained underwater breathing unit is invented by Henry Fleuss How dangerous is Scuba Diving really? 1 out of 5,555 1 out of 7,692 1 out of 116,666 1 out of 126,626 1 out of 211,864 1911 - Dreager of Germany releases an oxygen rebreather. 1959 - The YMCA develops the first national diver certification program. 1953 - An informal course by Los Angeles Sports covered everything from surfing and underwater explosives to SCUBA and first aid along with the scientific aspect of diving 1958 - Sherwood Manufacturing releases the piston regulator. 1955 - Tillman and Morgan create the first formal instructor certification program 1956 - The first wet suit was introduced by researchers at the University of California. 1953 - Popular Science gives directions on how to make your own scuba equipment using surplus military parts. 1951 - The Reserve Valve was released 1953 - E.R. Cross publishes the immensely popular Underwater Safety 1933 Louis Ce Corlieu patents the first swim fins in France and later in the U.S. 1943 - Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan design and test the first Aqua-Lung. 1971 - Scubapro introduces the Stabilization Jacket. 1962 Ed Link spends 24 hours at 200ft in the "Man in the Sea" project 1962 - Ed Link spends 24 hours at 200ft in the "Man in the Sea" project Most accidents are completely avoidable with the right training! Benefits Focus Get a work out Build strong Lungs Heal Scuba Diving Training improvement Scuba Diving Gadget improvement Prove of improvement Prove of improvement Relax
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