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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE PERFECT WORLD by: matthew paul Location Our utopia is located on a clone of Earth but a 100th the Size. The TUBE goes from our utopiato the US ONLY. Government Housing The families with kids all livein the same part of the housingpart of town. The adults that live alone will all live in the same part of town. Very Simple Job Choice of 11 different categories.Electric Golf Cart Drivers/MechanicGovernment/TeachingEco-friendly energy producing companyHouse Designing and Repair CompanyCity Maintenance CompanyFarming and Agriculture Company/Dog breedingBuilding Minions supervisor/BuilderArmy/The Police/Fire Department/Medical TeamGardeners/FarmersEntertainers/ComedianManufacturers of everyday things/Store Owners Jobs Only electric golf carts. Drivers drive you anywhere free of charge. Transportation We keep small societies so every in it is happy and helping and the cities can mainly rely on themselves unless something happens. (e.i. natural disaster) Structure of Society School goes to 16 then once you turn 16 you go to a choosing ceremonywhere you choose your career and then you go to school for two more years in the career that you choose. Education Livestock and Farming from inside the city is brought to the trade center as well as baker goods. If you have a job most food is provided. Food The currency is Points (). It is given to you if you have a job. People coming from the US must have a net worth of 350K. Currency Our government has 2 presidents,They are in office for 4 years,The can be re-elected 3 times andevery citizen over 16 has a vote in who they want the presidents tobe.
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