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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Battle of Lexington Siege of Boston v.s The Battle of Lexington and Concord was from April 19, 1775-1785. The siege of Boston was from April 19, 1775 to 1776 April 19, in the 1700's., The Siege of Boston took place in Boston, Massachusetts. The battle of Lexington and Concord. Tensions have been building for many years between 13 American colonies and British authorities. February 1775, Parliament had declared Massachsetts to be in state of rebellion. Who was impacted? The colonial militiamenwere trying to contain British troops inBoston. Massachusetts V.S. The thing that hampered withThomas Gage's plan/successwere, spiesand they werefriends with the Americans. PAUL REVERE! Paul Revere sounded the alarms when he seen the redcoats were coming.He also shouted the famous words... BILLY DAWES! The same night asPaul Revere, William galloped out of Bostonand in invaded capture by the British. Dr. Samuel Prescottfinished Paul Revere's ride that he started. The shot heard aroundworld was named thisbecause, it was the first shot of the revolutionary war. THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD! MILITIA AND MINUTEMEN! ran into this army,they were outflanked,outgunned, and scared. It impacted the families of the peoplethat got killed , but it also impacted the economybecause of the Boston Tea party. Colonist dressed up as Indians and dumped more than 4 million dollarsworth of tea today in the harbor.and had a ton of war debtafter all that was done and over with. Who was impacted?!lexington-and-concord/c1q5g = Lots of soldiers werekilled when they decidedto run up a hill, the impactof the loyalist wasn't good because the loyalists werethe people who were supportingthe people in the town and theycouldn't do a good job of that,and lots of rebels were alsokilled so the impact wasn't the best for them. The Siege of Boston and Intolerable Acts are related because, they were both American troop against the British. The British soldierswere not using strategies, and evenwhile the British hadoutnumbered theenemy, the enemyused startegies andeneded up drivingout the British. British Soldiers Militia and Minutemensurrounded towns in Concord, and when the retreating column The top British soldiers were probably shockedbecause, they hadoutnumbered theenemy and wereforcing them to retreat when theenemy had pushed back and causedthe British to get driven out. The battle of Chelseaisland was, betweenGreat Britainand it's 13 colonies. It was in NorthAmerica during theRevolutionary war. The American militiaman raidedthe Chelsea Island on the Northern Shore of the Boston Harbor.A portion of George Washington's armywas stationed in Chelsea during the Siege of Boston. The battle ended with victory for theAmerican colonists. The Battle on Chelsea Island! SUMMARIES! The Battle of Lexington and Concord,kicked off the American Revolution.Tensions have been building for many years. On the nightof April 18th, 1775many of the British soldiers went to Concord, in orderto seize an arms cache. The militiadrove the Britishout. The British were ordered tobuild forts on top if bunker hill, but they went and built on a smaller hill andlater the British attacked the American colonists. The British beat the American colonists, fought against British in both events and theyboth were held inMasschuesetts. SIMILARITES Battle of Lexington Siege of Boston I would recommendthat the American colonistswere on a better lookoutfor any building s near their camp. The Americans had to fight against the British to winthe battle so there actions but the American colonists came back. Evidence that justifies, the British is, the British were gettingmad that the Americans were trying to attack them so the British attacked first and killeda lot of the Americans but some of them fled. I do agree with the outcome of the event because,the American colonists came back andwon. The colonists did not have to come backthey could have left, This event is related to the Intolerable Actsbecause, it wasthe American I agree with the outcome of theevent because,the militia, droveout the Britishusing their ownknowledge and stratiegies. Another possible outcome was, the British would have driven out the militia. I recommend that while the British were ahead,they should have brought in more soldiers. The action theBritish took was,when they pushedout the colonists,they shouldhave took moreactions. And thecolonist's actions were, pushing outthe British. ... and whatactions do you think they shouldhave took? SOURCES! By: Deandria and Clarence
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