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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 --------------- Bran Left from Ireland looking for the Isle of Joy. On his journey, Bran was stopped by Manannan, who persuaded Bran to sail towards the Isle of Women. ----------------------- -------------------- Bran actually sailed by the Isle of Joy after one of his crew mates went to shore and refused to return. The Voyage Of Bran ---------------------- Finally, Bran reached the Isle of Women, where he and his crew sailed to shore. -------------- After losing track of time, one of the crew members begged Bran to go home. Finally he said yes. ------------------------ When Bran's Ship finally returned home, The crew realized that they were gone for many centuries. One of the crew still ran ashore and was turned to a pile of ash as if he should have been buried there for hundreds of years. Modern Day Connections Celtic Mythology-(Irish) The Celtics basketball team does originate from Celtic mythology. What is their mascot? A leprechaun. St. Patrick's day evolves from the Celtic religion. We celebrate leprechauns and St. Patrick, who is questioned to wether he existed. Irish music is popular today and many people play it on instuments, sing to it, or dance to it. Universal Themes 1 One universal theme that comes from Celtic mythology is to stay focused on what is important or a person could get distracted and become a danger tothemselves or others. 2 Another universal theme that can come from Celtic mythology is to be brave and honest and you will achieve you goals. A third universal theme that can be taken from Celtic mythology is that people may seem ugly or unlikeable on the oputside, but when given the chance to prove themselves, the become something beautiful, as in the myth, " 3
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