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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Every year Americans are involedin starting or growing a young business. Manyof these entrepreneurs seek capital from equityinvestors - either Angel Investors or VentureCapitalists. Angel Venture vs. Venture over investments Angels IMPACT about per deal total 4,000 businesses 30 billion 7.5m Although most VC firms have a websiteand other ways of sending in cold call solicitations, it is best to be referred toa VC by someone who is know to the VC. 60,000 MARKET SIZE 1. helping stimulate growth 2. NUMBERS VC investment 2 50B+ 20B Angel investment 30B Combined 1 The average angel investor has an annual income of $90,000, a net worth of $750,000and invests $37,000 per venture *resources - @angel | @venture US Angels invest a total of about $20 billion a year in around 60,000 businesses. Venture Capitalists invest about $30 billion a year in about 4,000 businesses. DISEASE OCCURRENCEAtherosclerosis burden increaseswith age:- prevalence in individuals less than 20 years is 17%- prevalence in individuals older than 50 years is 85% [1]Males are more susceptible to thedevelopment of atherosclerosis thanfemales- in nondiabetic males prevalence is 63.3%- in nondiabetic females prevalence is 36.7% [2]Atherogenic conditions such as diabetes (DM) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) increase atherosclerosis risk- Prevalence in RA and non-RA patients is 34% and 15% respectively [3]- Prevalence in DM and non-DM patients is 75% and 55% respectively[4] DEFINITIONA disease of the arteries characterised by the deposition offatty materials on their inner walls 20 million
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