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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Townshend Act Quartering Act vs WHERE How could the colonists take the Quartering act to their advantage? Townshend:1767Quartering:1765& 1774 North America Townshend: Americans in New York.Quartering: Colonist and soldiers. They could let the soldiers stay further away from their destination The Quartering Act and the Townshend Act are similar but there are differences between the two. WHO WAS IMPACTED Townsend: Was related to the SugarAct.Quartering:Wasrelated to the Restraining Act. Outcome of event Townshend: Caused the Boston Tea Party.Quartering:The soldiers wereto stay wherever they wantedmaking the soldiers morepowerful than the colonists. Same Different Related to Other Events Townshend: protested against taxes on lead, paper, glass, paints, and tea. Quartering: British could not send enough resources WHY How the Townshend Act was Enforced byBritish They were enforced by directly taxing them with their imports like glass, tea,lead, paint, and paper. WHEN The colonists have to feed and house the soldiers. How are the quartering acts the same? How are the quartering acts differant? The first act was for only inns and barns, while the second one allowed them to stay in private housing. Difference between 1765 quartering act and 1774 act In the 1765 Quartering Act British soldiers could stay in a Hotel or a barn in the 1774 act soldiers could stay anywhere incluing privateresidences
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