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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Intolerable Acts Boston Tea Act vs. Basic Info March to September 1774 London, England When? The Tea Act was when the British started taxing the colonistsfor the tea. Boston was getting madbecause they were ending up spending ore moneythen they wanted, so Boston closed the harbors to get in and out and merchants got mad and starteddumping tea into the harbor. Where? OTHER 1. 2. 2 1 Actions that led to the Tea Act- Britain wanted more money so they started taxing the colonists for the teathat they were shipping out. May 10th, 1773 It happened to any British colonies in America The colonists were impacted because they ended up paying more for theirtea and people started getting madthat the city closed the Harborsto stop the shipping. Basic Information Summary of event:The Intolerable acts were a set of laws madeby the British after the colonists went aboard a Britishship and dumped 1 million dollars worth of tea into the sea. Outcome of event:The intolerable acts were meantto seperate Massachusettes but the firm came too late so they accidentally started the first continental congress. If people are opposedto different items thenother people just don'tbuy the products. Named because Intolerable Acts Coercive Acts of the British reprisals tothe Boston Tea Party. Intolerable acts Boston Tea Act * they were mad becausethe colonists dumped tea* Made to separate the colonies * Boston taxed for tea*They were losing money*Taxed the colonists
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