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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Some colonists burned a British ship because they started enforcing trade laws. A group formed to force allBritish stamp agents to resign from America and to stop the Patriots from ordering or buying goodsfrom England Sons of Liberty Gasphee Raiders Gaspee Raiders and the Sons of Liberty Gaspee RaidersWhen: June 10, 1772Where: Narragansett Bay, off the coast of Rhode IslandWhy: Rhode Islanders attacked the Gaspee as an act of defiance and they were mad with the British Authorities for enforcing the trade laws and preventing the smuggling.Who Was Impacted: British authorities were impacted because they were mad that they lost a ship. Also the colonists were impacted because England cracked down after that and sent suspects to England for trial. Outcome of Event:G- The colonists got mad atBritain, and Britain got mad at the colonistsS- They carried out the Boston Tea Party and were able to force the British rule out of colonial America Evidence for British Actions:G- The colonists weren't followingthe trade rules so England had the right to enforce them. Also they destroyed one of England's ships, which is a good reason for punishment.S- The British did not mind the Sons of Liberty tar and feathering people, because they did the same thing. Also the British lost a lot of money because the colonists were paying the taxes to them Evidence for Colonist Actions:G- They had been getting away with smuggling so they would be frustrated by new enforcement. Also the Raiders were being sent to England for trials which was not what colonial courts were used to.S- Thanks to the Sons of Liberty, the colonists were thankful that they didn't have to pay unnecessary taxes to England. Although, the colonists didn't like that the Sons were tar and feathering people. Primary Sources:G- An excerpt from the autobiography of Thomas An alphabetical list of names of the sons who dined at Liberty Relations to Other Events:G- Related to the Boston Massacrebecause both were acts of defiance against British Parliament and reactions to Parliament enforcing unfair laws.S- This is related to the Daughters of the American Revolution; the women in this group supported the Patriots and the colonists, just as the Sons did. Other Possible Outcomes:G- More ships could have sunk or otherviolence by Americans could have taken place as well as British angerand actions towards colonists for messing up their trade system.S- One meeting of the Sons of Libertycould have lead to become the NewYork Massacre. When the British fired on the crowd in attempt to breakup the meeting, this could have become a massacre although endedstaying low key. Sons of LibertyWhen: It was organized in the summer of 1765Where: Boston, MAWhy: It was established to overthrow the British rule in colonial AmericaWho it Impacted: It impacted the colonists because they helped get rid of taxes the British put on them, and it also impacted the British because their rule was taken out of colonial America,_1765.jpg,_The_Bostonians_Paying_the_Excise-man,_or_Tarring_and_Feathering_(1774).jpg Pic URLs
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