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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I Phone History First I Phone 3G I phone 3G was relesed in 2008unlike the first I Phone the 3Ghad a built in GPS and 3G networking. The first I Phone was sold on June 29, 2007. It took apple 29 days to sell over a million I Phones. These phones start at the price of 500 and end at 600. This soon changed how the world saw phones. 3GS 4 Introduced in June, 2010This new I Phone looked new compared to oldergenerations. It had LED flash, better pixles, Face Time, and more photoand video storage. Thats not it, it also comes in two diffrentcolors White and Black. 4S 5C 5S 6 6 Plus The Iphone 4S is priced around $649-$849. The main diffrencebetween the 4 and the 4S isthat the 4S has Siri. Introduced in october 2011 I Phone 5C was released in september, 2011. The new 5C comes in 5 differentcolors, white, pink, yellow,blue,and green. It also hasios 7. The I Phone 5S was relesed on january 26,2014. 5S is now avaliblein Gold, Silver, and Spacegrey. It also comes witha new fingerprint identifyingsensor. Came out in September, 2014. It is the largest andthinnist out of all the Phones. It has the powerbutton on the side anda new and better camera The 3GS was relesed on june2009. The price for this phone was around$599-$699. They also made many more improvments such as Video taking camera, Voice control, Search, etc. double click to change this title text!
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