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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Where? -Forces people to say 'Yes' or 'No' on their State issued ID.-Experiencing declines in donation rates. -Causes individuals to act out of fear or protest and decide not to donate. ". . . in a dream I saw the jury return,moving likeunderwater swimmers."pg. 210 Conflict The internal conflict of the story is Scout deciding whether she wants to be a lady orstay as the rambunctious tomboyshe is now. The external conflict may be society's views on racismversusthe ones who want to end it. Info graph done by Kennedy Walpus Climax Throughout the story, there isn't just one climax.But the most bonechillingis during the Tom Robinson case. pg 186 " . . . than his right. It hung dead at his side,. There it endedin a small shriveled hand. 'Scout!' breathed Jem, 'Scout , look! Reverendhe's crippled!' " "Her face was the color of a dirty pillowcase... glistened with wet,which inched like a glacier..." pg 106 Opt-In/Voluntary Consent System Opt-Out/Presumed Consent System Vs. Organ, Eye & Tissue Donation Systems Distinctions Organ, Eye & Tissue Donation Systems Distinctions Currently the preferred system of choice and being utilized by every state in the United States. Also utilized in Spain, Italy, UK, Germany & Sweden. Where? Used in a number of European countries including: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France & the Netherlands. How? How? Vs. -Recognizes individual rights & volunteerism. -In Maryland, process is governed by the Revised UAGA.-Donation rates continue to grow. -Majority public opinion supports this system & doesn't favor change. -Upholds concept that donation is a 'gift' & given through an altruistic act.
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