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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What effect did the Treaty of Versailles itselfhave on Germany's condition following WW1? Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Committee of Correspondence and the Second continental congress Committee of Correspondence| |The Second Continental Congress -1772 in Boston - happened on may 10, 1774 in Pennsylvania -this impacted the colonist of the 13 colonies. -Kept communication between 13 colonies Who was impacted Why did these happen -Prepare a statement of the rightsof the colonist, and of this province. -Started because of Warfarein the Revolutionary war Governments Examples of what they did -1772 the Boston Committee of Correspondence was charged with managing the tea crisis and they were also the driving force of the Boston tea party -In 1776 they took a momentous step of declaring independence from Britain. Outcome of event The outcome of the continental congress helped make it so we can declare independence from Britain. they signed the deceleration of independence on July 4. 1776 Gave them Representationand helped them maintain communication -Boston -Pennsylvania -Main driving force on the Boston tea party -Both are commiitees -Tried to get indepence from britain -Delegates -They were a shadow government -They had to go to war to accomplish getting independence -Both rooting for America - In communication with Britain and the 13 colonies - a lot of founding fatherswere in this group - In a nut shell... The committee of correspondence is a group of people who were provisional patriot emergency governments established in the response to the british policy on the eve of the american revolution throughout the 13 colonies. The committee severed as a network of communication throughout the 13 colonies. These committees were formed all over, in cities and regions of the american revolution.Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina is all apart of it. The second continental congress was a group of people that wanted independence from Britain so on July, 1774 they signed the declaration of independence after the war had ended. it had took an entire war that lasted seven years just to get independence from Britain.
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