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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Compare/Contrast SecondContinentalCongress Battle of Chespeake When? May 10, 1774 to March 1, 1781 Where? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Why? To try to prevent war fromand to become free of England whiledoing so. Who was impacted? The British andthe colonists of the 13 colonies. Control of the Army: George Washington,Baron von Steuben, and Daniel Boone. North's response to the Olive Branch Petition: The Declaration of Putting UpArms. What is my opinion on the colonists"Statements of Position"? They did whatthey needed to do to get free. Since the colonists didn't haveas good of technology as wedo now, that also means thatthey wouldn't know how tofinance a war as well as weknow how to; however, thebest way to finance the warwould be to have all the"rebels" (of the British) pay theirown money that they have madeto pay for supplies and food. Overall the best system on howto finance the war is jobs. Thepeople that don't fight in the war, like women, can go to workeveryday, and what ever theymake, they will give 30-70%of it to the Army. Even though thereare better ways to finance the war,in this time period, it would be thebest way to have bankroll for the Revolutionary War. Events of Event: The Olive Branch Petition Declaration of Taking Up Arms. When 1781 September 5.Where At the mouth of Chesapeake bay.Why It was a crucial naval battle between the England fleet and the french fleetWho was impacted? The English were impacted because the french fleetblocked off-support troops coming to aid the general Cornwallis.
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