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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Magna Carta King John was abusing his power so as a result, a series of written promisesbetween the king and his subjects were madeknown as the Magna Carta. It promised to protect thechurches rights, protection for thebarons from illegal imprisonment, and justice. The barons provided the king with bothmoney and men for his military. The king had always consulted the barons before raising taxes anddemanding for more men for military service. So as long as the militarily was successful, relations withthe barons were good. Why was the Magna Carta made? When? Where? On June 15, 1215 theMagna Carta was signed betweenfeudal barons and King John atRunnymede near Windsor Castle. Baron: a member ofthe lowest order of theBritish nobility. Also referred to as 'Lord' The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution: "noperson shall. . . be deprived of life, liberty,or property, without due process of law." isdirectly out of the Magna Carta's "law of the land." The state declarations of rights& the United States Bill of Rightsincorporated several rights from theMagna Carta. For example, freedom fromunlawful searches, a right to a speedy trial,and a right to a jury trial in both criminaland civil cases. The Magna Carta inspiring The U.S. Constitution Heather Ward & Nicole MendezJanuary 28, 2015Period: 4 Why would a king agree to the demands of the barons? Authors: King John of England, his barons, & Stephen Langton
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