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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 28 CreditsCraven Communitycollege New Bern, NC Expected GraduationJune 2015 Sales Assoc.-Established understandingof customers and assistedto the best of my ability Sales Assoc.-Cheerfully assisted customers to best suit their needs-Organized & cleaned shelves & stockroom 2010-2010 2009-2010 2006-2009 Skechers: Highly trained in world class customer service Support Badge # M25212 Cannabis Knowledge Outgoing and welcoming personality Self-Motivated Education Kayla Abadsantos 2009 Jcpenny: Volunteer: Server-Administered excellentcustomer service-Accurately took orders/typed into POS system 2004-2005 North Dover Elem. -Filed documents-Made/received phone calls-Set-up classrooms Capriotti's: Cannabis Training UniversitySan Fransisco, CA MicrosoftOffice Qualifications Mac OS Comedy Health/ Fitness Studying/Cooking with Cannabis Interests 302-359-6953 Dover HighSchool DiplomaDover, DE 2013GPA: 3.8 Martial Arts Acting/ Theatre SocialNetworking Attention to detail Asst. Manager-Happily assisted customers-Handled money/made deposits Carolina Grill: 2010-2012 Miller's Landing: 2012-2014 Lead Server-Established relationships with patrons on daily basis-Took precise orders and entered them in on Point of Sales system. Movie Tavern: Server-Provided exceptional customer service-Execution of various diverse tasks simultaneously Working as a team creates synergy 2014-2015 6780 E. Cedar Ave. Denver, co 80224 "She is a quick learner and has shown the ability to digest large volumes of business and information. Kayla has been very effective in her efforts of leadership within our company and has been inspirational to many staff members."Samantha Bassat, Former Manager Passionate and enthusiastic individual seeks position at robust dispensary with opportunities for growth and build relationships within the community. Experience
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