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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 opyright Explained! What is Copyright? © Digital Locks Using someone else'sexact words and claiming that they are yours. It is a seriousoffence because it isa form of cheating. Make sure you follow the type oflicence set out under the copyright if you are going to borrow someone's work or idea. Licenses give permission from the licence holder to a user to use their work. Licences Plagiarism It is a legal right to creative and artistic works. Merriam- WebsterDictionary says copyrightis "the legal right to be the only one to reproduce,publish, and sell a book, musical, recording etc., for a certain period of time. (2015). The best way to stay out of trouble with copyright is toalways follow the rules and ask questions if you are unsure. Also, if you ever need to use an idea of someone else's, thebest idea is to ask them for permission to use it! Learn how to use safe search when looking forpictures on theinternet. Most pictures will be copyrighted and cannot be used freely. Fair Dealing Fair Dealing Digital locks are legal protection that restricts everyone except the creator of using the content.The only way to get around these is to use external resources whichis illegal in any situation. Examples of media that have digital locks are YouTube videosand CD's. Under the Copyright Law,Fair Dealing is allowed. It is a way to use copyrightedmaterial for education purposes, private study, or news reporting.As long as it is not being usedto make money you can use the work/ idea without payingfor it or getting in trouble.
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