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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Community College Infograph Benefits of a bachlores degree A bachelors degree can be a gate way to many jobs. A bachlors degree will enable you earn a masters degree and if you have a masters degree you can get a very high paying job. Benefits of community college bachelors degree. A community college bacelors degree cost roughly half of a similar degree from a university.That saves you about $14,000 for a four year degree. Community savings University Savings Schedules for bachelors degrees at community college include more night and online classes, So you have more time to work in a career for your college years. = Jobs A bachelor degree from a community college can get you some decent jobs engineering technology where you can earn an average of $ 65,000 a year. Another career a bachelor from a community college can get you is radiation technology and medical imaging, which can pay about $ 77,550 per year. Connections My dad earned a bachelors degree and has become very wealthy and successful in life. I plan to earn at least a bachelors degree so hopefully I too can be successfully in life. Links Orion Cartelli
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