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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 cities and towns water: cities and towns through garbage in there lakes swim places and yes even the tolight the impact inthat is radio active water you could save yourselffrom that by haveing a garbagby lakes and such your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] air: cities and towns burn plastic it impacts because when peoplewalk by they could get very sick you could save yourselfby putting a huge fan where the smoke goes then put a bag wherethe fan is pointing land: cities and towns justthrow there garbage on theground the impact in thatis closer to the end of the worldyou could save yourself by adding a garbage can on every block business andindustries land:business and indudtrieswaste all of these papers on stuff they dont need that impacts us cuz thats our air we could stop this with eco paper water:bussiness and industriesimpact our water by "spling" thereproduct in there that impacts us bytoxic water we drink , swimm there and we wont be able to unless westop buting there product intell they be more consiterate air:business and industriesfrom gasses and smokethat impacts us by health its not healthy to breath in chemicals we could stop this by makeing less or no plastic water:transporting impacts us by boat oilswe could stop this by havingsolor powered boats !!!! air:transport impactsus from the gas in yo car this impacts us cuzthat is our "oh so sweet air"we could stop this by useing moonshine instesd of gas land:transport imacts us by oil in the trucksim not gonna say we haveto stop transporting im saying maybe to stop thiswe could secure it better transport by: rose's arm ,rose's fingers, rose's eyes, rose's brain rose, mom ( for giving me drinks when thirsty COULDNT DO IT WITH OUT YOU *tear*) and dad ( for making sure i consitrate YOU DA BEST *tear*)and joe (i guess i mean not really but makes me seem like a good sisters sooooo )
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