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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Battle of Brooklyn vs The Siege of Yorktown and the Treaty of Paris The Battle of Brooklyn double click to change this header text! When did it start? Started on Aug. 22, 1776 VS Where did this battle take place? Right there, on Long Island. That's why it is also called The Battle of Long Island But, why? Because, the British were attemptinga campaign on gaining control of the strategically important city of New York and the Hudson river So, who was Impacted by this? The British forces under General WilliamHowe and his brother Admiral Richard Viscount Howe, and defeat Patriot forces under General George Washington. Who were some major leaders? General Jon Sullivan, Lord Stirling, Colonel Samuel Attlee, Lt. Col. James Grant, Major Gen. James Grant, General William Howe, And George Washington. Why was this area important to the british? Because the British wanted toGain control of the HudsonRiver to divide rebellious coloniesin half. What if George Washington didn'tRelocate his troops? All of them would haveDied from beingSurrounded and shot What were the consequences? The colonists had to Leave Brooklyn andgo back to Manhattan How does Howe usually respondTo his leaders? He usually responded by doing what they always said Yes, sir! Who said "Good God, what brave fellows i must lose" ? Washington himself said itand had significance becauseof how the troops broke into the British lines and surrendured.250 of those Maryladn troops died
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