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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fort Ticonderoga and The Battle of Bunker Hill Built in 1755 by the French and was captured by the Americans in 1775. The Americans held the fort until 1777 when it was recaptured by the British. Fort Ticonderoga Battle of Bunker Hill When Where The fort was located on LakeChamplain in northeastern New York, and forms part of the border between New York and Vermont. Why? The Battle of Bunker Hill happned because the rebels wanted control of Boston and the sea ports. The Battle of Bunker Hill is believed by many that it was batttled on Bunker Hill, while the battle was actually on Breeds Hill. The Battle of Bunker Hill happened on June 17, 1775 and ended on the same day. It was built to protect settlers from Indian attacks, and it was captured by the Americans because it controlled an invasion route to Canada, or as an British invasion route to New England. Who wasImpacted? The British had a large amount of casualties after the attack, they had about 200 dead and about 800 injured. The soldierswho fought in the battle for the fort were impacted because control of the fort switched sides . Intitial Motive The Americans captured the fort because it controlled part of a British invasion route into America and the Americans had to capture it to control this route. Analyze the Geography The Americans had a taller hill at 110 feet, and had water in three different directions from their hill. Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold Working Together American Perspective British Perspective The British had a steep hill they had to climb to get to the rebels. The Rebels were also closer to the British bases on breeds hill making it easier for the British to get to them. The two men both wanted to lead the troops alone, but while Arnold had the commission papers, Allen had the men. They then decided to march together Scene Description Winner! In the end the British won the battle but they lost almost 1000 men. They rebels had a major confidence boost though for taking out so many red coats. It was dawn on May 10, 1775 when the patriots came upon the fort withall the British inside asleep. The Americans were able to walk in and take the fort without firing a shot. British Surrender The British commander surrendered meekly and without a stuggle, because his troops were caught off guard and surrounded Benefits of Siege The victory was a morale booster, as it was the first offensive victory for the Americans. Also, cannons captured from the fort were used to besiege Boston. Outcome In the end the British had a major lose of men, they had about 1000 men hurt or injured. Also although the rebels lost the battle they had a major confidence booster after taking so many red coats out of service. Outcome The American forces took the fort with no fatalities on either side, they then held the fort until July 6th,1777 Related Event The battle of Bunker Hill is closely related to fort Ticonderoga. They are related because Fort Ticonderoga was a confidence booster for the rebels and this confidence helped them face the British in Boston. Related Event The capture of Fort Ticonderoga was related to the Batlle of Lexington and Concord because that battle was the start of the war and led to action at Fort Ticonderoga Justifying their actions British The reason the British made it a battle is because boston is a major port and the rebels were taking it. Americans The rebels wanted Boston because it had so many soldiers that it was 4 British for every 1 rebel. Primary Source Justification British The British were caught by suprise and only a few were armed, so if they hadn't surrendered they would've been massacred. American A surprise attack was the easiest way to attack the fort without loss of lives, so this was the path they took. Primary Source is a link to Ethan Allen's account of the attack. This picture shows when the battle was going on breeds hill, Charlestown was also being burned. Summary On June 17, 1775 the British were losing Boston to the rebels and the British thought the only way to stop them from gaining it was starting a battle. They Battle on Breeds hill and the British ended up winning, pushing the rebels back. Summary On May 10, 1775 Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold and 175 men took Fort Ticonderoga in a surprise attack. The British were asleep and totally got off guard. Luckily, the British commander surrendered without a fight, and the Americans took the men prisoner. It was the first offensive American victory during the war.
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