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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The Battle of Brooklyn Vs The Battle of Trenton MAJOR GENERALSFOR BROOKLYNGeneral George Washingtonagainst William HoweThey impacted The Americans The Battle of BrooklynFought on August 27, 1776In New YorkStarted becauseGeneral George Washington took over Brooklyn The Battle of Trenton Fought Christmas Day, 1776In Trenton, New Jersey After General George Washington "crossed the Delaware River" MAJOR GENERALSFOR TRENTONGeneral George Washington against Colonel RahlThey impacted The American and the British Army Summary for The Battle of Brooklyn General Howes army landed on longs island, they were hoping that they could capture New York, and of the Hudson River. The British marched in on the Patriot Army at Brooklyn Heights. They outflanked the Patriot Army. George Washington ordered retreat by boat to Manhattan. During the war the Americans suffered 1,000 deaths, while the British lost only 400 men. Summary forThe Battle of Trenton When Fort Washington fell, the American colonists lost all hope of holding anything in New York. George Washington sent one part of his army to secure the Highlands while the other part of his army moved across the Delaware river which was full of ice and sleet and below freezing temperatures. The Americans attacked the unsuspecting British on Christmas night and won the battle. MILITIA Militia is anarmy group who is used to substitute in emergencieswith rebel or terrorist activities The American Army, led by General George Washington, won the battle. OUTCOME OF THEBATTLE OF BROOKLYN OUTCOME OF THE BATTLE OF TRENTON The American Army, led by General George Washington, won the battle BROOKLYN AND TRENTON Our events are related in many ways.One being that they were both in the year of 1776. Good God, what brave fellows I must lose General George Washington said this quote, and it was significant because he saw that most of his troops were taken prisoner and stated that they were going to lose the war. General William Howe was not always so nice or easy to his leaders, but obeyed them when given orders. FUN FACTS!! It was considered the element of surprise. Washington knew that the only chance him and his army had was by attacking unknowingly. The problem with attacking during the winter is there can be a lot of tragedies with men who dont have warm enough close. Most of the colonists were kept prisoner by the British after Britain came in and divided the colonies. Washington fought this way so that he could surprise attack the British. For example, Washington attacked on Christmas day, so he didnt expect them to be armed because they were all celebrating.
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