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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The 3 branches of government What do they do 1. They can make new bills (to be sent to the president)or vote to remove old laws2. They can also Levy the taxes3. They can approve government budgetsand its made up of 2 housesof congress4. also Declare war The Requirements 1. you must me 30 years old to be a seniter2. you must be older then 25 to be a representitive3. you have to be a 9 year citizen and live in the state that you are representing(senate)4. you have to be a citizen for 7 years and live in the district you are representing Legislative what do they do 1. Enforce the laws passed by Congress2. Act as the head of the federal bureaucracy and all federal agencies3. Nominate judges4. Appoint government officials(some requiring Senate confirmation)5. Supreme commander of all branches of US military The Requirements you must be older then 35 and be a naturalborn american and be a 14 year resident in the us What do they do Interpret the lawExercise the power of judicial reviewChief Justice presides over trials of presidential impeachment The Requirements There are no specific requirement for judgeship in the Constitution Checks and Balences The checks and balences system was built so that no one branch of our government could become too powerful Who they are It is made up of 2 houses the seniters and the representitives Who they are Who they are It is made up of the President Vice president and thecabinent Its is made up of 9 justices and 1 chief justice How does the Executive Branch check the Legislative Branch
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