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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MH 370 Disappeared in Indian ocean 239 passengers are still missing From Kuala Lumpur to Beijing capital Disappeared onSaturday 8 March 2014 How an aircraft carrying 239 has completely vanishedon air? Is there a cover up by the CIA or Malaysia Government? Passengers Travelling on Fake Passports Terror links feared? Another theory was offered by theweb site Persstv. ir, which claimed that the CIA is involved in the disappearance of the missing MH370."( International business times. Hernandez, March 30, 20142:58 AM.) "They looked into the possibilities of the Boeing 777 jet being hijacked or simply being hidden by officials"(International business times.March 11, 20141:21 AM) "Officials have feared thatterrorism acts were involved on the disappearance of MH370.Four passengers on board the aircraft having stolen passports. "(International business times. March 10, 20146:54PM) They don't know how toprotect their system?What about if they havesome secret information?Then the hacker can hack them easily, and the government can really protect people? Is that really cover up by CIA, or Malaysia doesn't ant to responsible for people who lost their family.If that really are they're mistakes, they will feel shame in rest of their life. In this technology developed world, all information can find online, but why would happened stolen passports?Because of governmentdidn't check carefullyor the people who's in government they neglected their job?
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