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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3 Branches They elect 450 members from the whole usa and you must be 30 years old or older. The requirements are you must be 30 years old, you had to be a citizen for 9 years Making the laws is the most important task because you need to make a good and fair law so the excacutive branch allows it The most important task in being in executive branch is making the army forces The president and the vice president, and the executive office of the president The requirements are you need to be 35 years old or older and you had to be born in the usa, and you have to be in the usa for 14 years The judicial branch includes criminal and civil courts and helps interpret the us consitution The members in judicial branch is supreme court There are no requirements the people elect the members in judicial branch Checks and balances means no person or deparment has control over decisions Executive branch checks legislative because they approve the laws legislative branch make executive branch checks on judicial branch because executive branch nomines judges to supreme court legislative branch checks on executive branch because congress can overturn a presedincial veto with 2/3 of both house legislative branch checks in judicial branch because congress can create lower courts judicial branch checks on executive branch because supreme court can get power from judicial judicial checks on legislative branch because supreme court can use judicial power to rule presidential actions Anothers tasks are to declare war, borrow money, regulate money, to make system of laws of migration Senates and house of represantives are the members Another tasks are veto bills passed in congress, make treaties with other countries, call congress into special session
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