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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DEFINITIONA disease of the arteries characterised by the deposition offatty materials on their inner walls ATHEROSCLEROSIS RISK FACTORS- Previous cardiovascular event eg. angina, heart attack, stroke, blocked carotid arteries[9]-Cholesterol levels : high LDL Low LDL-Diabetes[10]-Hypertension -Stress-Smoking : tightens blood vessels [10,11]-Obesity-Lack of exercise-Unhealthy diet-Age [10,11] DISABILITIES: are health problems that interfere with a person's normal physical, mental, or emotional functions.ATHEROSCLEROSIS DISABILITIES: -cerebral atherosclerosis: increased risk of ischaemicstroke [9]-renal artery atherosclerosis:severe hypertension and renal failure [9]-limbs atherosclerosis: peripheral artery disease, developing a symptom of claudication or critical limbischaemia [9] MORBIDITY:the frequency of disability within a population ATHEROSCLEROSIS MORBIDITY:- stroke is the 3rd leadingcause of death and long term disability. 85% of all strokes are ischaemic. number of strokes attributable to carotid atherosclerosis is approximately20% [9] -black populations have a 38% incidence of ischaemic stroke than white peoples. -in patients with PAD, criticalleg ischaemia develops in 5% of patients over 5 years, with1-4% proceedingto amputations [9] DISEASE OCCURRENCEAtherosclerosis burden increaseswith age:- prevalence in individuals less than 20 years is 17%- prevalence in individuals older than 50 years is 85% [1]Males are more susceptible to thedevelopment of atherosclerosis thanfemales- in nondiabetic males prevalence is 63.3%- in nondiabetic females prevalence is 36.7% [2]Atherogenic conditions such as diabetes (DM) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) increase atherosclerosis risk- Prevalence in RA and non-RA patients is 34% and 15% respectively [3]- Prevalence in DM and non-DM patients is 75% and 55% respectively[4] MORTALITY:Globally:-Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for 1/3 of globaldeaths. of these-77% are attributed toatherosclerosis.[5]-predicted to be primarycause of death in 2030[6]Locally:-morbidity higher in urban than rural areas[7]- Western Cape- 25% womenand men die from coronaryartery related diseases[7]- part of chronic lifestyle diseases which cause20% of deaths in 35-64year olds[8] [12]
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