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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Who? The Contential Congress,representatives of each colony Articles of Confederation British? The British had no part in this act Historical? No, as it was only in act fornine years and ended in failure Who? All the colonies andall the colonists Necessity? The articles were put in place fortime of war because the revolutionarywar was in play Purpose? It gave colonistsa government touse durring war When?Novemeber15th, 1777 Where? TheContentialCongress Tax? There wasn't a tax to protect theAmericans from the British Government Start? A draft was passedand congress createdthe Confederacy Success?No, it failed Outcome? The articles failed so it barely had an outcome. It tried tocreate a government but it was discontinued by the Constutional Convention 9 years later in 1786. The Declaration vs the Articles For the sake of America and the colonists representatives of eachcolony gathered to write what became part of the foundation of Americanlaw. This document gave the colonies the rights and freedom that they wantedall along. The colonists wrote this document and were very pro toward its purpose and the British really had no part in its failure. They were both written by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia and they were both written with the samepurpose They were both written by a representitive of each colony for the benefit of each colony. The Declaration of Independence mapped out what the U.S. wantedas a country. It officially stated our freedom from Britain and howwe will act as our own country. It is the document of our countrybeing born. Where? TheContentialCongress Purpose? It gave theColoniststhe foundation they neededto become a free country Necessity? This new country, the U.S. needed set of laws, rights, and independence Start? The Contenitial Congresswere fed up with the British and wanted to break free Success?Yes, it is stillused today Tax? no tax was placed to pass this document as it was strictly to benefit the coolonies and not the British The Declaration is even still used today as our country's foundationand Americans still follow its laws and rights today. The British opposed this act only because it took their control away When? July4th,1776 Historical? Very important in our AmericanHistory as it is the reason we celebrate the 4th of July Who? The Contential Congress,Representatives of each colony The Declaration of Independence They were written within ayear from eachother John Hancock's signatureis the biggest on bothdocuments Both of these documents outlined some sort of lawand Government, and they both were to unite the coloniestogether and become one whole free country. July 4th, 1776 Works Cited "Articles of Confederation." A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2015. <>."Articles of Confederation-About the Signers." Official U.S. Constitution Website - Learn About the United States (U.S.) Constitution & More | Constitution Facts. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2015. <>.David Armitage. "College Board." AP Central. CollegeBoard, n.d. Web. 16 Jan. 2015. <>."The Declaration of Independence, 1776 - 17761783 - Milestones - Office of the Historian." The Declaration of Independence, 1776 - 17761783 - Milestones - Office of the Historian. Office of the Historian, n.d. Web. 15 Jan. 2015. <>." A Project of the Claremont Institute." A Project of the Claremont Institute., n.d. Web. 16 Jan. 2015. <>.
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