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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Adoration Of Jenna Fox Plot:The story of a girl named Jenna Fox who discovers what happened after the accident in which she lost her memory, therefore her identity. TOPICS THESIS: in the book it is clearly exposed how far parents would go for the welfare of their children, even if they have to break moral rules and go over science ethics; which may end up affecting ones identity. SUMMARY: Jenna Fox had an accident. After waking up from a one-year-coma, she discovers she cant remember anything, but starts having flashbacks about situations of her past life, the problem is that they do not make any logical sense with all shes been told. When Jenna finds out what really happened; she is forced to live a life-saving miracle, which could mean the doom for her. Allys was a friend of Jenna. She lost her legs and arms . She was against the massive use of Bio Gel. Ethan was Jennas love interest. he was considered a danger, because he nearly beat a man to death in the past. Kara and Locke were two friends of Jenna in Boston.They were with here with her the night of the accident. Jenna Fox was a -year old teenager, who, after a terrible accident, lost her memory and was reconstructed by Bio-gel; becoming a science miracle yet an illegal creation. Lily was Jennas grandmother. She had a tight bond with Jenna before the accident,but after it ,she never saw her like her granddaughter again; for her, the real Jenna was dead, and the actual one was a living lie. Claire and Matthew Fox, where Jenna´s parents. Mathew is the creator of the . Bender: Is the first friend Jenna had after waking up from coma. Jenna discovers he is her fathers friend, Edward, who has agreed to help hide and protect Jenna from the authorities. Despite his secrecy, he understand Jenna, and encourages her and helps guide her. The FSEB (federal science ethic board) was thegovernment body which regulated science labs, bioengineering and health care. Biogel is an artificial neural network build on biological model. Its a condensed, oxygenated gel that is filled with neural chips. This chips are chemical neurotransmitters. The cover symbolizes the missing pieces of Jennas memory; also how every single day of her life as she recovers a memory the puzzle is more complete. Simile- Text Example: "Even her fingers look like calligraphy against the sky." Importance to the story: It helps the reader to picture what her fingers looked like. Repetition- Text Example: "I am, I am." Importance to the story: This makes an impact on the story because repetition not only repeats words, but it helps emphasize the expression of the character's voice which is in some way represents Jennas identity problem. The novel, takes place on Califronia; due to its climate conditions. Therefore, Jenna's flashbacks take place in Boston.
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