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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Townshend Act Quartering Acts vs. The Quartering Acts The Townshend Acts were put into action in June of 1767 by CharlesTownshend and the British king. The Townshend Acts were made tohelp the British make up money from the French-Indian War (whichhad just ended).The Townshend Acts put a tax on glass, lead, paints,paper,and tea. Britain sent troops to the colonies to enforce the and used some of the money from the taxes to maintain the troops. Itgave soldiers the right to search anything and everywhere theywanted without a warrant which is why we have the fourth amendmenttoday. The American colonists decided not to buy the goods that weretaxed until everything stopped getting taxed except tea.d.Do you agree with the outcome of the event? Why? Yes I agree because without the 4th amendment cops could search anywhereanytimee.What are other possible outcomes for your event? They couldve put a ban on taxing because of how many people got very mad.f.How is your event related to another event? The stamp act and theTownshend act both put taxes on different items.g.What changes to your event do you recommend? They couldnthave taxed show much and shouldnt have unfairly searched peopleh.What evidence justifies the British actions for your event? TheBritish wanted to make sure the colonists had to pay their taxes and they couldnt get out of it.i. What evidence justifies the American colonists actions for your event? Them being taxed too much and getting searched without anyreason justifies them. Compare Contrast The Townshend Acts made the colonists pay taxes whilethe Quartering Act didn't.There were two Quartering ActsThe Quartering Act made colonists house British troop.The Quartering Act didn't make Britain money. Both were meant to benefit the British.The Townshend Acts made it hard for the British soldiers,from the Quartering Act, to control the colonists .Made the colonists mad.They both made Britain send troops.
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